Failure to Unplug on Vacation

Recently while on vacation we had no cell reception and almost non-existent WiFi. Periodically on day trips, we’d get reception for a bit, but for the most part I didn’t have internet for a week. Yet I found myself still having a difficult time disconnecting from my phone. While on a vacation intended to spend time with my family I kept pulling out my phone to check who knows what!

I suppose part of this need to check my phone all the time is habitual. But I believe part of it also reflects something deeper in my soul. What is this need to constantly be in control? Or to see a new notification? I suppose in some ways a new notification makes me feel significant and important. Someone just texted me – I’m special.

But shouldn’t spending intentional vacation time with my family also make me feel significant and important? Shouldn’t looking Esposa and Hijo in the eyes while we spend quality time together be the obvious option over checking my phone?

And yet I so often find myself distracted and disconnected.

One thing I do to combat this at times in my daily life is put my phone in our pantry in the evenings where it’s not immediately in my reach. I’ve also heard of friends using apps to restrict phone usage during typical family times.

Regardless of how it’s accomplished (and whether my distraction is a phone, magazine, or simply my own thoughts), the path I’m attempting to choose is to intentionally connect with others – especially Esposa and Hijo. It’s a constant battle that I’m guessing will remain for this introvert his entire life, but one worth fighting.

What’s one way you can choose to connect with someone you love right now?

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