First Day of Kindergarten

Dear Hijo,

Today you start kindergarten! Esposa and I have done all we can to keep you safe and protected over the last five years. And now we’re releasing you a step further beyond our direct control than we have before. I feel nervous and anxious. This is tough. However, I trust God and I trust you.

I also feel excited for these next steps of your life. School is a big deal! You will make new friends and learn exciting things. I cannot wait to hear about your new experiences and the community you form.

There will also be challenges. Sometimes you’ll need to choose into struggling a bit. It could be in the form of learning something new in the classroom. It also might be in toiling in relationships with others – friends or teachers. Or even just the challenge of sitting and listening when you want to play. Fortunately, with struggle comes growth. You will bloom.

Now that you’re in school, you have not just the opportunity to learn, but also to point others to Truth and Love. Love exists in the world. His name is God, and you have the chance to show his love to others. Do so.

Beyond all that, have fun. I know you will. Don’t forget (as I so often do) that life is about more than just trying to perfect and accomplish (there’s so much grace when you don’t meet perfection). It’s about living. So go live. And do it well.

I love you so much. I feel so proud of you.


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