Want What You Already Have

I have a problem: I want things. Sometimes when I’m bored, I go on Amazon and just look for things I might buy (I just did it while trying to write this post!). When I was younger, I’d do the same thing with clothes. Esposa says when she met me I had bags of clothes in my closet with the tags still on them. The solution: Want what I already have, cherish it.

I heard these words from Tri Robinson while he spoke at our church a few weeks ago. His sermon was based on king David sleeping with Bathsheba. What was going on with him? He had everything he could ask for. But he still felt dissatisfied and made poor choices as a result.

I get it. It’s the same reason I find myself scrolling through Amazon looking at random items I don’t need and don’t really want.

Instead, I can daily choose to be satisfied. Wanting, and getting, new things isn’t bad in itself. However, allowing myself to be controlled and overcome by that desire seems to damage my health. It’s symptomatic of something deeper inside me. A dissatisfaction in life. A choosing to look past the many comforts, luxuries, and blessings I possess and to want more and more and more.

Just to be clear, wanting, and getting, things isn’t wrong in itself. Where I go wrong is in an innate choice to be discontent with whatever is in front of me. Getting a new bike or car or shoes or whatever isn’t bad. However, constantly fixating on getting new things may be harmful.

So now is the tough part. Now that I’ve put these words down for anyone to see. I need to challenge myself to live up to them. I challenge you to do the same. What changes can you make today to live in satisfaction?

(One solution for me is to read The Story of the Mexican Fisherman on a weekly basis.)

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