Grace in the Past

I sometimes remember two situations in my past where someone said something unkind to me. I rewind the moments like a movie in my mind. I continue wondering how I messed up and caused someone to say unkind things (yup, I apparently have issues). Or I think about what I could have said in the moment to vindicate myself. Neither of those options help me move forward. However, I did find a path to peace.

The thought that changed the situations I kept playing in my mind was the realization that the offender who said unkind things were younger at the time than I am now. And somehow that idea made me wonder if I would have known better (or acted better) than them when I was their age. Not that I’m super wise now, but I am slowly learning to live with more grace.

So the idea that these people simply may not have known better, may have been immature, or may have grown since then helped me move forward. Upon that realization, I found a bit of grace and forgiveness grow. Honestly, I don’t even remember these specific situations I held on to now that I’ve worked through them.

Sure I could have forgiven them without that realization, but I didn’t. For whatever reason it helped me step over the final barrier. Sometimes the obvious things escape me because I just can’t emotionally move forward for one reason or another. However pursuing the path to peace is a worthy one regardless of what that looks like.

And since I’ve worked through things with those two situations, I’ve felt more peace. And less anger. Ironically as I sit here typing, I’m hearing a song play in my ears telling me, “Grace will lead me home.” That’s the goal isn’t it? To arrive home with a life of grace.

Are there any situations you’ve been holding on to where you can extend some extra grace?

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