Beyond Death

(Written in reflection of miscarriages and after the death of a family friend from cancer.)

Oh, Death,
What are you?
Who do you think you are?

You come seeping in
Taking those whom you please.
Acting like you own this place.
You leave mothers grieving,
Fathers screaming,
Spouse aching.
And yet you are simply a doorway.

Oh death,
Where is your sting?
You are but an avenue.
A moment, a breath.
And once you pass
Life remains.
But truer.
And brighter.
And fuller.
And beautiful.

Oh, Death,
You may come for us all.
But we will pass through.
And when we do,
Everything will be different.

I will no longer fear you.
I will no longer abhor you.
For true life exists beyond you.
And that’s where I’m heading.

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