Not What, but Who

Today I came upon a new realization. I am a driven person. I strive to meet this goal or fulfill that person’s wish. I often find myself asking the question “what?” What can I do to help you? What is the right choice in this situation? What is my role in this? What would be the loving thing to do? What do you want me to do God?

My new realization: the question should not be what, but who? God, who do you want me to be?

Who we are is not just another thing to check off the list of accomplishments, but rather the core of our identity. We are children of God. We are lovers of the hurting. We are a united family. These core parts of our identity should lead our whats.

When I focus on the what, I am really just trying to figure out how to live life on my own terms and how to be a “good” person and thus earn my salvation. When am going to learn that it’s impossible for me to be good enough – to do anything to earn my salvation? It simply cannot be done.

By living my life out of the who I am simply being who I am and who God has created me to be. Ultimately all the what questions I spend so much time worrying about are quieted by the reality of living out who I am.

So from now on I refuse to live my life out of the what. I will only live out of the who.

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