The Amazing Jump

Hijo recently turned five years old. Five is a big deal. He’s no longer an infant fully dependent on us. Or a toddler mostly dependent on us. And he’s quickly on his way to no longer even being a preschooler, but a full-fledged kindergartener. As he turned five, I wanted to do something significant to welcome him into a new more-mature time of life where he’s leaving little-kidness and joining big-kidness.

I took Hijo to a local nature preserve. My idea was to have him stand on a tall rock while I described the significance of the moment. Then let him jump into my arms as I welcomed him into a new phase of life.

Immediately when we approached the path a tall rock with a flat top stood welcoming us. Hijo climbed the rock (of course!) and stood on top. I began reminding him about the significance of his upcoming jump. As I looked up at him, I realized the shirt he’d chosen that morning depicted a guy riding a motorcycle with the words The Amazing Jump. Tears immediately filled my eyes.

It felt like a burning bush moment where I should remove my shoes. Or at least make a mental marker.

I knew that moment held significance not just for for Hijo but also for me. In a way we were both jumping into something new. I sometimes want life to never change. I want to find my comfortable place and freeze it forever. Yet then I would never grow.

Growth can feel scary. It is uncertain and unknown. Yet is makes me a better person. And prevents me from being an adult still throwing toddler tantrums (maybe).

So, along with Hijo, I choose to take the Amazing Jump. I jump into my Abba’s arms and accept His welcome into new chapters. The old has passed away. And the new will come.

Where may you be called to take an Amazing Jump today?

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