Loving in a New Way

Dear Esposa,

We made it! Thirteen years of marriage sometimes feels like a lifetime. Yet sometimes feels like a mere blink of an eye. I still love you. Granted, I love you differently than I used to.

I know we’ve talked about CS Lewis’s concept that if people’s initial romantic love and all the crazy feelings that go with it remained forever, you’d go crazy (as usual, I’m probably butchering that). Instead love grows deeper. It grows with us. It matures into something more full, more robust – perhaps even – more holy.I will admit sometimes I want a little more of that initial love in our daily life, but we’re exchanging it for something even better. However, we do still see glimpses of that young, immature, crazy love. I suppose I may need a bit of both.

I continue to love you. And I’m continuing to learn to love you. I’m sorry for the times I fail and drop the ball. For my moodiness. As I think about it, you continue to choose to love me as well (which may be the more difficult job).

Now we launch into our 14th year! I feel hopeful. Like we’re not just in a good place, but moving in a good direction. We’re learning new rhythms together and uniting as a family. We’re learning who we are as a whole. We’re figuring out our us-ness.

I love you. Thank you for saying yes over 13 years ago. And for continuing to say yes each day since. I also continue to say yes to you.

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