Intentional Actions

Dear Hijo,

We recently were listening to music in the living room from Mo Town Magic. We were all having fun when you suddenly paused the music. I felt confused. You then ran out of the room,and I felt even more confused. You came running back in about a minute later with glasses that were like a main character’s on the tv show. Suddenly it all made sense! You didn’t just want to listen to the music, you wanted the fully immersed experience of being the character.

Your actions possess intention. Know what that intention is and move forward with the action confidently. Sometimes people will question you, but if you know what you’re doing, or why, trust yourself. Even I (or maybe especially I) may protest and challenge your actions, but take that as a place to grow your confidence and reasoning.

Also, I love your creativity. You don’t just want to experience the music, you want to be the character. That takes things to an entirely new level. Continue embracing experiences wholeheartedly. Don’t be shy or embarrassed to be who you are. People will want you to be someone different, but keep your 5-year-old confidence and live out of your true self.

I love you. No matter what. Thank you for teaching me lessons on life. I’ll be here to learn the lessons with you. And even from you.


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