Vacation Time! Time for Us

Dear Esposa,

We did it! We actually took a vacation just for us. I don’t know that we’ve ever taken a full on, week long vacation with just our immediate family. I think it went well overall. The choice to go was difficult, but I’m glad we fought for something we knew would benefit us as a family.

If I’m honest, I somehow felt a little selfish and even wasteful going on vacation. We certainly weren’t luxurious, but it sometimes feels like anything out of the ordinary is unnecessary. I suppose it all was technically unnecessary, but I guess that’s one of the points of vacation: unnecessarily intentionally spending time and money on new experiences. We could have spent that money to visit family or do something else practical, but then we’d wouldn’t have the memories and unity we built.

So I’m ultimately glad and thankful and for our time. The theme park was so fun! It’s definitely something I know I will be looking back on fondly for years. The bike ride through muddy train tunnels was memorable. Although some of that day felt frustrating, sad, and scary, I am so proud of both you and Hijo for hanging in there and creating a day of special memories.

I definitely feel more bonded within our family. We more fully identified and lived out of our family identity. We found out some things we may all enjoy together and some we may not. But more importantly we found out more about us as a whole. We connected and bonded and created memories.

Perhaps our biggest win wasn’t just choosing to go on a family vacation together, but choosing one another. Choosing to remain bonded in love. And to push in to who we are collectively. That’s a lesson certainly worth the price of vacation.

Pensive Padre

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